Christmas Photos, Vienna

We had very intermittent Internet service on the ship, so we missed out on the daily blogging.    We finally solved the problem of weak internet access on board.  I’ll share the details in another post.   The solutions are different in each country you pass thru.       Here are some photos in 3 posts,  1. Vienna,  2. Along The Danube River,   3. Prague.

The horses seemed happy enough in downtown Vienna

St Stephen's Cathedral is Vienna's most famous of it's hundreds of churches. It is always covered by scaffolding doing repairs and cleaning. The drapes are screen printed to look like the cathedral that they are protecting. Ingenious...

A trip to Vienna wouldn't be complete without a concert. This was performed without a conductor ... (we learned that Johann Strauss usually did it that way) The conducting is done by the first chair violin. The music was great, the seats could have used some more ergonomic design!

The Romans had indoor plumbing! This Roman house with its own aquaduct was discovered during excavation. Rather than destroy it for "progress," it was preserved and displayed in the middle of a street.

The Austrian State Library in Vienna. Over half a million volumes and none of them less than a hundred years old.

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